Save your life against hordes of enemies by sacrificing a few sheeps. 

This is my game for the MiniJam 52 and also my first game jam! 

Note : I kept working on this project and published a longer/better version here. Go check it out!

I recommend you download the game for a smooth experience.

How to play :

  • Drop sheeps on your enemies by touching the fence
  • Bomb sheeps directly kill enemies

The game is buggy and lacks polish but it's honest work.


Download 21 MB
Download 24 MB


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Great game mechanic and really fun once I figured out how to play!

It's the second time I try it and now I understand the rules and that's really fun X'D 

Very nice.

This was fun to play! I liked that the two types of sheep did different things. Could see this extending into different levels